Easy lamination film

Easy lamination film is a kind of one-sided cold lamination film, which is intermittently coated with high-quality PET film, with transparent PET release film attached on the back. No need to heat, no need to use the machine for lamination, protect the file clear and beautiful. It can be used to seal photos, documents, cards and other pieces. Features: 1. No heating or special tools are required for lamination 2. Strong adhesive can hold things firmly 3. It can be pasted on board, glass, plastic, iron plate, color steel plate and other flat objects 4. Humanized design, and easy for handling. The release film can be easily taken off from the film. And it also can be easy for the laminated film being taken from plat objects. Usage:

After sealing, it has the characteristics of high light transmittance, low haze, waterproof and anti-alteration, and can be directly pasted on various plane objects. It is widely used in schools, families, meetings,kitchen and other occasions.

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